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About NewLife Shelter Foundation - the best ngo in india

Newlife Shelter Foundation is the best NGO in India, working in the country with a mission to empower the poor. We take care of the families about all issues related to health, feed, and other issues. We offer free education, ration, sanitary pads, mehndi & computer classes.

Goal Of Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO in India

NewLife Shelter Foundation’s vision is to become the best NGO in India and make India’s future bright, by making the underprivileged capable, the homeless sheltered, and the poor rich in skills throughout the country.

Newlife Shelter Foundation believes that development is not about what one has, but about how well one is able to use what is available. By our skill enhancement activities and skill development program, Our mission is to make india capable.

Our priority is to educate underprivileged children for they are the future of our country. NLSF foundation aims to leave no child uneducated due to lack of resources.

Another aspect of the Newlife Shelter foundation is Women’s skill development and healthcare. Newlife Shelter foundation works in the direction of making everyone capable in the future, not just providing free things but giving people skills to be independent.

Projects of newlife shelter Foundation - Best NGO in india

Newlife Shelter Foundation plans to achieve its goal to become the best NGO in India via different education and skill development programs. three of our most sound programs are

Education (Project Akshar)

Help students to get career oriented and skilled. This program is divided in 3 parts, School curriculum, extracurricular and physical activities. Which will help students understand their interests and learn how to make their passion into career.

  • Making Education more interesting and involving.
  • Create Passion and interest towards Specific goals in student’s life.
  • Developing Public Speaking, teamwork and Leadership skills in Children of lower division.
  • Making Knowledge gained practical not only theoretical.
  • Practicing self-discipline and time management.
  • Books and Ration Donation to the needy.
  • Birthday Celebrations of the under privileged, giving them light of happiness.
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Vocational (Project Samarthan)

Help women at home gain new skill and at the same time economically gain strength This Project was the potential need for many household as it gives the women of the household an opportunity to generate income. 74.5% households i.e. 103 women have shown interest towards this project and almost 25% of them have joined the program.

  • Educating women so their knowledge is not limited and they can stand with the changing times.
  • Helping them learn new skills like Stitching, Embroidery, Basic computer Skills, etc.
  • Helping them to educate their children and family well to establish them well in the society.
  • Make an understanding of teamwork discipline and resources in society.
  • Ration, Clothes and other donation to these households.
  • Sewing Machine Donation to the capable, so that they can make earnings on their own (As per availability or donations received).
  • Free sanitary pads to all the women of the community.

Education (Project Shiksha)

Project Shiksha at its inception seeks to empower young minds to become self-reliant and skilled in this rapidly changing environment. The English language and basic computer skills are somethings that form the basic requirement of any entry-level job these days.

In order to converse, communicate and utilize effective communication and management, these skills are intrinsic and highly important to imbibe in the younger generation.

At the very least, this project will ensure that students above the age of 14 are empowered enough to get gainful employment, and even open avenues for higher and quality education if they so wish to pursue.

NewLife Shelter Foundation – best NGO in India aims to provide basic teaching to these students and help them learn these skills in a limited time span.

Project Shiksha was developed to help students tackle the day to day challenges and excel in building their career by learning meaningful skills. Being well educated is not enough for today’s world, one needs to be well skilled too.

We hope to provide the means of learning the basics of English and Computer skills through this project.

  • Making Education more interesting and involving
  • Create Passion and interest towards Specific goals in student’s life
  • Developing Public Speaking, teamwork and Leadership skills in Children of lower division
  • Making Knowledge gained practical not only theoretical.
  • Practicing self-discipline and time management

Our Strategy

NLSF NGO strategy includes creating a comprehensive system of services tο fulfill childrеn’s lοng-tеrm nееds fοr еducatiοn, skills, and еmοtiοnal suppοrt, as wеll as thеir shοrt-tеrm nееds fοr nutritiοn, hеalth and shеltеr and maximisе thе impact οf this systеm thrοugh:

intеgrating prοgrams, mοnitοring and imprοving thе quality οf sеrvicе, and sеizing οppοrtunitiеs tο еxpand.

Unlikе many οthеr organizations, NеwLifе Shеltеr Fοundatiοn has littlе savings as it spеnds more than 95% οf all funds dοnatеd οn its prοgrams with οnly 0-5% gοing tοwards administrativе cοsts.

Newlife Shelter Fοundatiοn is a Sеcular, Nοn-Pοlitical οrganisatiοn dеdicatеd tο bring abοut sustainablе and qualitativе changеs in thе livеs οf thе marginalizеd sеctiοns οf thе sοciеty by fοcusing οn basic еducatiοn in thе bеliеf that еducatiοn is a critical rеquisitе fοr sοciο-еcοnοmic changе.

By targeting localities and starting free Education, Healthcare and Women development programs, NewLife Shelter foundation plans to leave no area without basic needs provided.

In just less than a year, Newlife Shelter foundation has seen tremendous growth, the number of people enrolled in our projects have been increasing ever since we started, more people we help, more work we consider done.

Some Amazing Stories of NLS Foundation - Best NGO in India

  1. The covid pandemic: in the covid pandemic NewLife shelter Foundation provided food, ration, shelter, sanitary pads and other necessities to over 2000 families.
  2. The tea stall: in 2021, NewLife Shelter Foundation helped an old man by incorporating a tea stall for him and by providing him with a smartphone. This signifies how we don’t just believe in distributing free things but also spreading capability in the ecosystem.
  3. To take a much more recent example, Newlife shelter Foundation conducted a plantation drive where we educated the students about importance of plants and trees in life. Also by conducting a practical activity students could get better practical understanding

Problems Faced

  1. Funding- We work in a poor country, so lack of funding becomes the biggest obstacle in achieving our goals, thousands of children and women are still not getting necessary education and other necessities due to lack of funding. Newlife Shelter Foundation is currently working entirely on donation basis.

  2. Lack of Space and other resources.

  3. Lack of awareness and community donations.

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