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Project Akshar of Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO in india

This Project started in the Year: 2022-2023, by NLS Foundation - Best NGO in India

In Attendance

Students From class 1st to 10th. 

About the project

Traditional way of schooling may be good for bookish knowledge but the world doesn’t test you bookish terms. When it comes to real world only the practical knowledge and skills you have trained yourselves in comes to your help.

In our project Akshar we have found a way to help children in attaining meaningful life skills, where a child is able to withstand the tests of practical life.

So, you ask how it is possible. Mentors and teachers at Newlife Shelter Foundation studied the traditional way of schooling and coaching patterns and found the same flaws in both the systems. Thereafter, they developed a curriculum as the needs of today’s student.

This curriculum includes extracurricular activities like Indoor and outdoor sports, dancing, singing, etc. which is allotted to students judging their interest. Along with these extracurricular activities Akshar programme also includes group activities and mental activities to improve day to day skills of students.

However, Newlife Shelter foundation has not forgotten that marks do matter for our education system to prove our knowledge. Hence, studies and regular CBSE curriculum is also a part of our academic syllabus Akshar Programme.

Overview of NLS Foundation- Best NGO in India

Akshar Programme was developed by NLS Foundation – an NGO in India, to help students tackle the day to day challenges and excel in building their career by learning meaningful skills. Being well educated is not enough for today’s world, you need to be well skilled too. 

From being the crowd to becoming the face of the crowd is what we want our students to achieve.


  • Making Education more interesting and involving.
  • Create Passion and interest towards Specific goals in student’s life.
  • Developing Public Speaking, teamwork and Leadership skills in Children of lower division.
  •  Making Knowledge gained practical not only theoretical.
  •  Practicing self-discipline and time management.

Unique Curriculum of nLS Foundation - NGO in India

Date/Time3:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PM
MondayIndoor GamesSubject 1Puzzles and Sudoku
TuesdayOutdoor GameesSubject 2Group Discussion
WednesdayComputer ClassesSubject 1Word Play
ThursdayIndoor GamesSubject 3Speed Maths
FridayOutdoor GamesSubject 2Debate
SaturdayMusic/DanceSubject 4/Subject 5Documentary/Movie
SundayEvent/Activity/Weekly Off----
Families Got ration
0 +
Childern Free Education
0 +
Women Gets Free Skills Development
0 +
Received Sanitary Pads
0 +

Estimated Results

  • Students Knowledge and Education will not be limited to Theory, They will be more practical in their approach to daily life scenarios.
  • Making you passion into career is dream for many of us, but it be reality for children in Akshar programme.
  • Students will learn and develop new skills and passion.
  • Teamwork and Public interaction will be the key skill these students will develop as they grow up. They won’t be hesitant or shy. These children will be confident, bold and more upfront with their thoughts.
  • Leaders are not born instead they are made. With Akshar Programme we guarantee a leader in every child.

Student Assessment by Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO in India

  • Admission on basis of scholarship Test.
  • Weekly practical assessment from mentors
  • Test bound theoretical assessment on monthly basis.
  • Quarterly assessment report to be prepared by mentors.

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