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“Padhega India Tabhi To
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Mission & Vision of
NewLife Shelter Foundation, an NGO in Delhi

NewLife Shelter Foundation – an NGO in Delhi, was established in Aug 2021. Our first priority is to educate underprivileged & needy children who can’t afford their tuition to get proper studies, for them our NGO helps to get proper education from basic step to higher steps. NewLife Shelter Foundation has divided 3 section students, according to their knowledge; we have decided to educate them accordingly.

We are also conduct campaign for our Children for any kind of activities so that they can understand the value of education because our aim is to make our India Future Bright.

“Padhega India Tabhi To Chamk Uthega Hamara India”

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New Life Shelter Foundation – an NGO in Delhi, aims to have a better future for kids who lives in slums or underdeveloped areas by giving them educational facilities. We have already started some projects for this mission. Only one thing we’re lacking is your support because without your support, it’s not fully possible to make this happen but we can do this together as a family.

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Children's Education


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Donate to Help The Helpless

NewLife Shelter Foundation is the best NGO in Delhi. We provide free education for needy children, we distribute food/ration. Also, we focused on women empowerment.

NewLife Shelter Foundation wants to make a smile in everyone’s face. Thus, our volunteers working everyday and trying to make happy to all needy people.  


NewLife Shelter Foundation
Helping to Whom Who Need

Delivering help and hope to families, Women and Children