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Project Samarthan Of Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO In India

This Project started in the Year: 2022-2023, by NLS Foundation - Best NGO in India

In Attendance

Women willing to get education and at the same time learn some skills to help their households.


Women Empowerment often spoke of is very less seen in our society, especially in lower divisions of our society.

This lower division is where women empowerment is really needed as with a small household limited resources it is really difficult for the women of this division to manage. A secondary income is very well needed in thee households. But, there are certain challenges to the solution of this problem one of them being these women cannot leave their houses and children alone to go and earn. Other challenge is not being well educated to get better opportunities.

Newlife Shelter foundation is up here to support these women to attain a better status in society. Hence, our project is named Samarthan as in support. Support to women education, Support to their households and support to them to stand out society.

Overview Of NLS Foundation- Best NGO In India

Samarthan Programme was developed by NLS Foundation – an NGO in India to support women who want to attain their own status in society and earn for their households.

They don’t only have to be have a housewife to support their families. They can educate themselves and learn some new skills and develop a means to earn for their families as well as themselves.


  • Educating women so their knowledge is not limited and they can stand with the changing times.
  •  Helping them learn new skills like Stitching, Embroidery, Basic computer Skills, etc.
  • Helping them to educate their children and family well to establish them well in the society.
  • Make an understanding of teamwork discipline and resources in society.

Unique Curriculum Of NLS Foundation - Ngo In India

Date/Time2:00 PM4:00 PM
MondayVocational Skills ClassSubject 1
TuesdayPractice SessionSubject 2
WednesdayVocational Skills ClassSubject 1
ThursdayPractice SessionSubject 3
FridayVocational Skills ClassSubject 2
SaturdayPractice SessionSubject 4/Subject 5
Families Got ration
0 +
Childern Free Education
0 +
Women Gets Free Skills Development
0 +
Received Sanitary Pads
0 +

Estimated Results

  • Within 3 to 6 Months Women will not only gain some skills they will also be earning through their work.
  • Getting work from community for these women after they have attained certain skills.
  • Women will be working in teams and supporting each other’s work.
  • They will be better in public Interaction and procurement.
  • Women will be able to sit and commit to CBSE Curriculum examination

Student Assessment By Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO In India

  • Weekly practical assessment from mentors
  • Test bound theoretical assessment on monthly basis.
  • Quarterly assessment report to be prepared by mentors.

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