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Project Shiksha Of Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO In Delhi

This Project started in the Year: 2022-2023, by NLS Foundation - Best NGO in Delhi

In Attendance

Ages 14 and above


Project Shiksha at its inception seeks to empower young minds to become self-reliant and skilled in this rapidly changing environment. The English language and basic computer skills are somethings that form the basic requirement of any entry-level job these days.

In order to converse, communicate and utilize effective communication and management, these skills are intrinsic and highly important to imbibe in the younger generation.

At the very least, this project will ensure that students above the age of 14 are empowered enough to get gainful employment, and even open avenues for higher and quality education if they so wish to pursue.

NewLife Shelter Foundation aims to provide basic teaching to these students and help them learn these skills in a limited time span.

Overview Of NLS Foundation- Best NGO In Delhi

Shiksha Programme was developed by NLS Foundation – an NGO in Delhi, to help students tackle their day-to-day challenges and excel in building their career by learning meaningful skills. Being well educated is not enough for today’s world, one needs to be well skilled too.

We hope to provide the means of learning the basics of English and Computer skills through this project.


  • Making Education more interesting and involving
  • Create Passion and interest towards Specific goals in student’s life
  • Developing Public Speaking, teamwork and Leadership skills in Children of lower division
  • Making Knowledge gained practical not only theoretical.
  • Practicing self-discipline and time management

Unique Curriculum Of NLS Foundation - NGO In Delhi

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Estimated Results

  • Student’s Knowledge and Education will not be limited to Theory, They will be more practical in their approach to daily life scenarios
  • Making you passion into career is dream for many of us, but it be reality for children in project Shiksha
  • Students will learn and develop new skills and passion
  • Teamwork and Public interaction will be the key skill these students will develop as they grow up. They won’t be hesitant or shy. These children will be confident, bold and more upfront with their thoughts
  • With this project, we guarantee self-reliance and independence in every student. 


  • Two rooms with necessary infrastructure to conduct academic classes
  • Computer systems
  • One room to conduct Group activities
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Trainer

Student Assessment By Newlife Shelter Foundation - Best NGO In Delhi

 A test assessment will be held weekly and at the end of the month which will determine the level of understanding the student has gained of the said subject.

Three batches will run simultaneously for two months each time, after which new students will be enrolled.


 30TH MAY, 2022.

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